First Apartments: Choosing the Right One

Will Robots Replace Security Officers? Their Abilities And Inabilities Will Tell

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Star Wars fans, get ready. No, this isn’t an announcement of next year’s Comic-Con. This time, the science fiction wave of the future is right here, right now. This R2-D2 look-alike could be roaming your malls—or your schools and neighborhoods. With wheels for feet and strips of blue lights as eyes, you’d never guess that you’re standing face-to-face with what could someday replace the modern day security guard. Will it happen? Maybe, but it seems a lot of it will depend on what they can and cannot do. What Are These...

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3 Holiday Decorating Tips For Small Apartments

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Downsizing from a house to an apartment, like Wynn Residential Apartments in Toronto, has some distinct advantages. You no longer have to worry about lawn care and heavy maintenance, you have less surface area to clean, and you can say goodbye to your property tax bills. However, there are also drawbacks. Even if you don’t need a lot of extra space the rest of the year, if you’re someone who loves to decorate for the winter holidays, you may feel the pinch of having less space when the holiday season comes around. Lawn and...

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